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FSU course syllabi are available online so that students can review the assignments, grading methods, course expectations and other essential features of a course before enrolling. The online syllabi are located on the website for each department. If you do not find a syllabus for a specific course, please contact the departmental office. The actual syllabi you receive in classes may vary slightly.

Section Number Descriptions: (If you have questions about a section, please contact the instructor of the course).
01 - 43 Main Campus 16-week
44 - 45 Main Campus first eight-week
46 - 47 Main Campus second eight-week
50 Fort Bragg first eight-week classes
60Fort Bragg second eight-week
80Seymour Johnson first eight-week
90Seymour Johnson second eight-week
D1, D2, D3, ...Online 16-week
D43 - D45Online first eight-week
D46 - D49Online second eight-week
EC1 - EC9 Early College (high school sections)
GU1 - GU9 Global Understanding
HB1 - HB9 Hybrid
HN1 - HN9Honors
IC1 - IC9 International College (high school sections)
SL1 - SL9 Service Learning
SP1 - SP9 Summer Pilot

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